Final Thoughts on an Amazing Season

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After 2010 NFL wrapped up yesterday,being a Steelers fan, I was angry, hurt, felt like I was having a stroke and heart attack at the same time. After I have had some time to reflect, the season far exceeded my wildest expectations. We started out without Big Ben for the first four games. Nobody thought we had a chance and managed a 3-1 record without our franchise quarterback. Our running game made huge leaps and bounds over last year. The more playing time Mendenhall gets, the better he is getting and is maturing nicely. What more could we ask from our patchwork o-line. It seems to be ravaged season after season with injuries. Flozell was a great pickup and filled in nicely. I was a bit worried about his jumping the count, but after a few games he seemed to settle in and if he did jump it was unmemorable. The defense was dominating as any I can remember. The tandem threats of Harrison and Woodley coming from the outside is just nasty. Timmons has really progressed nicely into a utility backer and I am confident with him in coverage as well as stopping the run. Troy is amazing, but I don’t think his second half of the season was as solid as the first. Mainly because he in a lot a more pain and his injury is worse than the general public realize. It is a shame that Pouncey was injured in the Jets game and missed his (hopefully) first Super Bowl. It is unbelievable that this young man played at the level he has as a rookie. It may be too early to throw around comparisons to Webster and Dawson, but if he continues to play at an exceptional level, it may not be too far before those comparisons are appropriate.

        The passing game was more than just serviceable. Mike Wallace has speed to burn. It is ashame that he is routinely underthrown. Atonio Brown and Emmanual Sanders seemed to be the two surprises that came out of last years draft each making crucial catches throughout the season. Bye bye Limas Sweed!

          Now what went wrong. William Gay, I love him as a rushing D-back, but seriously the man can not play coverage. There is more gap in his coverage than in Madonna’s smile. When the hell did we give up on the fullback position. God I miss Dan Kreider in there pushing the pile on third and short. Bruce Arians. I have been preaching this since before we won our last Super Bowl. The only reason he is still there is because of Ben. There is conservative football with a lead and there is chicken shit football. We go up and play calling seems to fall into the latter. I don’t have a problem with a screen to Wallace once in a while, but you can’t run it four times in a game. You also need blockers. What happened to the Mendenhall screen that I saw at training, which he broke open for a 60 yard touchdown. I can’t wait for July and camp to start again. Until we have the remainder of the Penguins season.


Ruminations on Parenthood

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In the three years since my son’s birth, we’ve been pretty lucky as far as stomach viruses go. New Years Day was the first time my child has had a stomach virus. We knew he wasn’t feeling good from the time he got up from his nap and wanted me to give him to his mother. I complied and thank God I did. About two seconds after I handed him over it was like some exorcist shit. He projectile vomited all over my wife. It was in her hair, all over the couch, the floor. It was a miracle he didn’t splatter the windows. Needless to say I have a weak stomach when it comes to vomiting, but I cleaned up my child while my wife took  a shower. I then cleaned the chunks out of the carpet and all other saturated items. I almost lost my lunch, but muscled through it. For some unknown reason, as a parent, you do things that you would have previously found disgusting. You do them because they need done, you do them because you are a dad. I have decided to include a list of things new parents have to look forward to.

1) The Three P’s-piss, puke, & poop. You will at some point be covered by one or more of these. I have gone to work several times with spit up on my back without realizing it. Your child will figure out how to take their diaper off at some point. Then they may try to finger paint with said poop.

2) Sleep-get it when you can. When your childless friends say they are tired you will chuckle to yourself.

3) Money-you will spend more than you can even imagine on diapers and formula. Seriously if I had known what I know now I would’ve invested in huggies and enfamil.

4)You get more shit because “experts” say you need. We seriously took back at least $500 worth of shit we never used. The wipe warmer was used for maybe 3 weeks before we got the shits of it. Babies seriously don’t care if their wipe is warm or room temperature, they just want the shit off of them (at least our kids did).

5) Once they are mobile it is game on. They will get into things you  never thought possibly. They will break stuff and there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop them.

6) The best part of my day is when I walk through the door and my kids are so excited to see me. It makes everything worthwhile. The money, the messes, the melees (three year olds WOW), are all forgotten in that instant of pure, innocent,unabated  love. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Forecast: 27″ of Syrup

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For some unknown reason when they call for snowfall in central PA, people swarm to the grocery stores for bread, milk, and eggs. Yesterday there was a forecast for snow, but wife had been planning to go to the grocery because we needed groceries. I got a phone call from her about 2 hours later and felt the need to share the conversation. It went as follows:

Her “Why the fuck do people always run out for milk,bread, and eggs when it’s supposed to snow. What? Are they making a shit ton of french toast? Does snow equate to a primal need for french toast? If a storm is that bad we will lose power, and guess what fuckers, you won’t be able to make french.”

Me “Uh huh”

Her “Yeah if I  am buying food for a blizzard I am stocking up on twinkies, pringles, yoo-hoo and fucking funions (she doesn’t even like funions and neither do I). They can all survive nuclear holocaust, so that is what I am going with. Oh and some apples”

Me “Where do apples fit into this?”

Her “Because you can keep them out in the cold.”

Keep Abiding

New Affiliate

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I have partnered with T-shirt They offer a variety of highly offensive to slightly irreverent t-shirts. If you already know about them then you’ve probably thought of ordering something from them. Click on their link through my blog purchase the super sweet shirt you’ve wanted for decades and they throw me a bone. I have included some examples.


R.I.P. Sam

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After living a long and healthy life, our goldfish Sam succumbed to injury and sadly departed this life. We bought him about a year and a half ago and Wal-Mart for like a dollar. Subsequently, it led to me calling my wife the Goldfish Whisperer. He would still be alive had our cats not attacked him in the middle of the night nearly severing his tail. The little trooper hung on for about 3 weeks after he was attacked. Fortunately, my three old has not noticed his absence yet. How do you explain the cycle of life and death to a three-year old? I have been contemplating this since Sam departed this cruel, cold world. I figured the best way is just to be honest. Hey, it has seemed to work thus far in his life. Anyway, I am going to pour some of my water out for my fallen homie, Sam, who is now swimming in the big fish bowl in the sky.

Fire Works has been classified all over the board. Some in the press say it is a reinvention of the Sainte Catherines, others have panned the album. Some bands depart from their original style and are extremely successful in doing so, while others change and one wonders what were they thinking (i.e. Weezer). The Sainte Catherines fall in the former of the above group. You can tell immediately that it is a Sainte Catherines record simply by the distinctive harmoniously gravelly voice of frontman Hugo Mudie. What is absent is the anger, which Hugo has professed in numerous interviews. Absent is the hardcore, added is the almost alt country feel on some songs such as “Blr vs Cancer (Fuck Off Cancer Song)”. It seems like Hugo and the boys have taken the best parts of the Catherines added in the best parts of Yesterday’s Ring (alt-country band including several members of the Sainte Catherines) and have produced a straight ahead rock album. This album has been on constant repeat since it’s release. At first listen I was expecting another record in the same vain as previous Catherines’ records, however I was pleasanlty surprised to see the boys growing and expanding. Check out the tracks “Chub-e and Hank III”, “Reinventing Ron Hextall”,and  “Maggie and Dave”. I would recommend previous songs “South Central Family Represents….Fuckers”, “I Can’t Have Sex All the Time”, “Westward Bound”, and their cover version of Leatherface’s “Sour Grapes”.

I remember my mom telling me as a teenager that my taste in music would mellow out as I got older. It probably started when I asked why she like Perry Como or Tony Bennett or the Drifters, when she was a teenager in the 70’s. She has seemed almost prophetic on so many things, so I used to actually worry about this when I was in my early twenties. What is odd that is she was dead wrong on this. The older I get the faster and more aggressive most of my music has gotten. Bands I couldn’t stand when I was younger I am suddenly embracing, like they were a lost family heirloom. I find myself now listening to bands like Agnostic Front, the Sainte Catherines, the Exploited, the Casualties, that I would have never listened to when I was younger. Maybe I am angrier now. Maybe it’s evolution, maybe it’s de-evolution, maybe it just takes something more aggressive to move me now. Maybe it’s Pandora’s influence on me because I am exposed to songs I never gave a chance to earlier. Oddly enough I have also been into odd scandinavian indie bands as well. My ear is a conundrum