Forecast: 27″ of Syrup

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

For some unknown reason when they call for snowfall in central PA, people swarm to the grocery stores for bread, milk, and eggs. Yesterday there was a forecast for snow, but wife had been planning to go to the grocery because we needed groceries. I got a phone call from her about 2 hours later and felt the need to share the conversation. It went as follows:

Her “Why the fuck do people always run out for milk,bread, and eggs when it’s supposed to snow. What? Are they making a shit ton of french toast? Does snow equate to a primal need for french toast? If a storm is that bad we will lose power, and guess what fuckers, you won’t be able to make french.”

Me “Uh huh”

Her “Yeah if I  am buying food for a blizzard I am stocking up on twinkies, pringles, yoo-hoo and fucking funions (she doesn’t even like funions and neither do I). They can all survive nuclear holocaust, so that is what I am going with. Oh and some apples”

Me “Where do apples fit into this?”

Her “Because you can keep them out in the cold.”

Keep Abiding


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