The Older I Get, The Faster It Gets

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I remember my mom telling me as a teenager that my taste in music would mellow out as I got older. It probably started when I asked why she like Perry Como or Tony Bennett or the Drifters, when she was a teenager in the 70’s. She has seemed almost prophetic on so many things, so I used to actually worry about this when I was in my early twenties. What is odd that is she was dead wrong on this. The older I get the faster and more aggressive most of my music has gotten. Bands I couldn’t stand when I was younger I am suddenly embracing, like they were a lost family heirloom. I find myself now listening to bands like Agnostic Front, the Sainte Catherines, the Exploited, the Casualties, that I would have never listened to when I was younger. Maybe I am angrier now. Maybe it’s evolution, maybe it’s de-evolution, maybe it just takes something more aggressive to move me now. Maybe it’s Pandora’s influence on me because I am exposed to songs I never gave a chance to earlier. Oddly enough I have also been into odd scandinavian indie bands as well. My ear is a conundrum


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