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Fire Works has been classified all over the board. Some in the press say it is a reinvention of the Sainte Catherines, others have panned the album. Some bands depart from their original style and are extremely successful in doing so, while others change and one wonders what were they thinking (i.e. Weezer). The Sainte Catherines fall in the former of the above group. You can tell immediately that it is a Sainte Catherines record simply by the distinctive harmoniously gravelly voice of frontman Hugo Mudie. What is absent is the anger, which Hugo has professed in numerous interviews. Absent is the hardcore, added is the almost alt country feel on some songs such as “Blr vs Cancer (Fuck Off Cancer Song)”. It seems like Hugo and the boys have taken the best parts of the Catherines added in the best parts of Yesterday’s Ring (alt-country band including several members of the Sainte Catherines) and have produced a straight ahead rock album. This album has been on constant repeat since it’s release. At first listen I was expecting another record in the same vain as previous Catherines’ records, however I was pleasanlty surprised to see the boys growing and expanding. Check out the tracks “Chub-e and Hank III”, “Reinventing Ron Hextall”,and  “Maggie and Dave”. I would recommend previous songs “South Central Family Represents….Fuckers”, “I Can’t Have Sex All the Time”, “Westward Bound”, and their cover version of Leatherface’s “Sour Grapes”.