It’s Been a Long Time

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I haven’t posted anything on here in what seems like forever.  I get ideas throughout each week for, what I feel would be excellent posts, but by the time I get both children in bed I am out of gas. This is the first time I have logged in since I got the wordpress app for my iphone, which I have never used, thinking that it would allow me time to blog on the fly so to speak. I looked at my drafts and realized that I have 20 some odd half-assed, barely started blogs. I looked to finish each one, but in life’s fleeting moments, all of their’s  had passed. It’s a bit oxymoronic blogging about my inability to blog I guess. I don’t know if it’s writers block or apathy or what. It is what it is (or insert your own overused cliche or catch phrase of the moment here).


I am getting a little nervous. Is anybody else? After following the Linda Thompson show for four months she has seemingly been hibernating in her newly adorned mayoral palace. You could not check Pennlive without at least three to four articles dealing with something she has said or implemented, or someone in her fold leaving the flock. The last big announcement was the renaming of the American Music Fest to the Harrisburg Jazz and Multi-Cultural Festival hosted by Mayor Linda Thompson. We’ve had approximately a month and half of silence. No renamings, no hires, no fires, no quitting, no whining, zilch, nada. Is this the calm before the storm? What is she planning? Why is she suddenly so silent? No news will surely be bad news for Harrisburg.

Torture: American Style

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had to write down this idea that’s been kicking around in my head all day. During the torture of detainees at Gitmo, they were apparently bombarded with music from Rage Against the Machine and Ramstein. Ok, here’s the thing terrorists are raging against what they  consider the machine. Ramstein only song that I remember is “Du Haste Mie”, which I thought roughly translates to “You Hate Me.” Yes, yes terrorists do in fact hate us. Needless to say I think I have come up with a better list of torture songs:

1) Wham! -“Wake Me Up”- No I will not do the Jitterbug George.

2) Starland Vocal Band-“Afternoon Delight”-stole this idea from PCU, because it is great.

3) Aerosmith-Their entire catalog

4) Any 70’s light rock-Captain n’ Tenille, James Taylor, Barry Manilow et al. To quote Denis Leary “I want to thank him(Barry Manilow) and Dan Fogelberg for turning me into a complete pussy in the 70’s”

To all my awesome readers, sorry I haven’t blogged much lately. Life has been crazy between chasing a two year and walking up with a 6 mth old. I have started approximately 15 new posts over the past two months, and when I went back to finish them I lacked both the fervor and patience they required to put out a quality product. There are a couple of posts that I am going to finish, so look for new posts in the next few days.

Keep Abiding

the Sirloin

Hollywood has decided to rehash popular tv shows and movies from the 80’s. Apparently it was just too much for someone to be a little creative in these worrisome economic times. I have decided to make a list of movies that didn’t need remade.

1) Death at a Funeral-Please see the original British version. I am sure the new version will be a rehash of the original which is smart,witty, and on point.


2) The Karate Kid-Why? Why would you remake such an immortal movie. Not that it was immortal from a story/acting perspective, but from the cultural references it inspired.


3) Red Dawn-Did anyone get the memo that we aren’t at war with the Commies anymore

4) Red Sonja-Sticking with the red theme a bit much hollywood. The original was an odd female Conan starring and young (and hot) Bridgette Nielsen and Arnold. How are they going to top this?


An Open Letter to Tiger

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I tried staying away from events in the mainstream press, but after seeing the news stations inundated with the Tiger Woods press conference I just had to vent. This is my blog, let the venting begin.

Dear Tiger,

Apart from your family and the press corps, no one cares. We don’t care how many women you slept with. We don’t care that you went to rehab for sex addiction (isn’t that convenient and typically sad). We don’t care if you took ambien, hgh, steroids, crank, crack, or crystal meth. Save your apologies for the privacy of your home and your loved ones. I don’t know you, I am not your friend, you owe me nothing. To put it plainly, shut the fuck up and starting hitting balls again. You should apologize to the media for wasting their time. You should apologize to the forests for all the trees that were killed to print your sexcapades.

Not Your Friend,

The Sirloin

I just checked out the Whitaker Center’s spring/early summer schedule of concerts. I have a couple of extra sheckles in my pocket and figured it would be nice to take my wife to a concert. I am yet again thoroughly unimpressed and not willing to spend what precious extra monies I have on a virtuoso violinist I have never heard of, or the 10 jazz acts they have or Katherine McPhee. Not exactly my cup o’tea. The Whitaker Center is capable of getting good acts come in. David Byrne, Black-47, and George Thoroughgood and the Destroyers come to mind. I am not ragging on the artists that they do have scheduled. It is not their fault that I have no interest in paying $35-50 a ticket to see someone I have never heard of. It definitely gives the jazz enthusiasts or Katherine McPhee fans somewhere to see these artists and I am glad that this type of music has a home in central PA. I saw Nickle Creek(not to be confused with Nickleback) perform a couple of years ago at the forum. It was amazing. Three songs into their set they unplugged their instruments and played unplugged for the next two hours. All I am saying is there are plenty of good artists they could book that would provide a solid basis for the other shows and it would attract a more diverse crowd. The Whitaker Center stage could be one of Harrisburg’s artistic jewels, but it simply misses the mark again and again. Well at least there’s The Hold Steady at brewery to look forward to. I almost forgot to mention Whitaker is also having Get the Led Out and Bruce in the U.S.A. Both bands of, I guess what you would call tribute bands. That is a whole different topic for another blog entry.