Final Thoughts on an Amazing Season

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

After 2010 NFL wrapped up yesterday,being a Steelers fan, I was angry, hurt, felt like I was having a stroke and heart attack at the same time. After I have had some time to reflect, the season far exceeded my wildest expectations. We started out without Big Ben for the first four games. Nobody thought we had a chance and managed a 3-1 record without our franchise quarterback. Our running game made huge leaps and bounds over last year. The more playing time Mendenhall gets, the better he is getting and is maturing nicely. What more could we ask from our patchwork o-line. It seems to be ravaged season after season with injuries. Flozell was a great pickup and filled in nicely. I was a bit worried about his jumping the count, but after a few games he seemed to settle in and if he did jump it was unmemorable. The defense was dominating as any I can remember. The tandem threats of Harrison and Woodley coming from the outside is just nasty. Timmons has really progressed nicely into a utility backer and I am confident with him in coverage as well as stopping the run. Troy is amazing, but I don’t think his second half of the season was as solid as the first. Mainly because he in a lot a more pain and his injury is worse than the general public realize. It is a shame that Pouncey was injured in the Jets game and missed his (hopefully) first Super Bowl. It is unbelievable that this young man played at the level he has as a rookie. It may be too early to throw around comparisons to Webster and Dawson, but if he continues to play at an exceptional level, it may not be too far before those comparisons are appropriate.

        The passing game was more than just serviceable. Mike Wallace has speed to burn. It is ashame that he is routinely underthrown. Atonio Brown and Emmanual Sanders seemed to be the two surprises that came out of last years draft each making crucial catches throughout the season. Bye bye Limas Sweed!

          Now what went wrong. William Gay, I love him as a rushing D-back, but seriously the man can not play coverage. There is more gap in his coverage than in Madonna’s smile. When the hell did we give up on the fullback position. God I miss Dan Kreider in there pushing the pile on third and short. Bruce Arians. I have been preaching this since before we won our last Super Bowl. The only reason he is still there is because of Ben. There is conservative football with a lead and there is chicken shit football. We go up and play calling seems to fall into the latter. I don’t have a problem with a screen to Wallace once in a while, but you can’t run it four times in a game. You also need blockers. What happened to the Mendenhall screen that I saw at training, which he broke open for a 60 yard touchdown. I can’t wait for July and camp to start again. Until we have the remainder of the Penguins season.


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